The Paper Plane
Mike Xiaokui
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Brief Introduction
In a remote mountain village, there are golden continuous hills, white spinning windmills, warm sunset, as well as boys and mothers who climb mountains together every day. The boy loves painting and draws a picture every day. His mother drop a paper plane at the top of the mountain every day, and then go down to pick it up.

In order to realize his dream, the boy went to the big city to learn arts, while his mother quietly supported and him in his hometown. However, when the boy realized his dream and came back home, his mother could not see it. Only the paper plane all over the sky tells the boy that his mother's love has always been
About Author
Mike Xiaokui is the founder of children's picture book studio, the teacher of children's picture book, and the editor in chief of "goodnight baby" magazine. He has published picture books such as The paper plane, The Super Running Town. His works have won the 4th Xinyi Picture Book Award, the annual picture book award of Chen bochui International Children's literature award, and shortlisted for Feng Zikai children's Picture Book Award.
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