The Sleepy Town
Text by YA Dong, Illustration by Mike Xiaokui
Chinese title:
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Brief Introduction
There used to be a small town named “Sleepy Town”. All of its residents were fond of sleeping. The little ones looked so adorable when they were asleep. But when they woke up… Wow! What had happened? Tadpoles turned into frogs, caterpillars became butterflies, chicken hatched from eggs, watermelon flower turned into big watermelons. This is a book to help children understand the laws of nature and feel the magic and diversity of life
About Author
YA Dong: An overseas returnee with Master’s Degree, winner of Chen Bochui International Children’s Literature Award, Hsin-Yi Picture Book Award, and Chinese Times Award for Original Picture Books.
Mike Xiaokui: Founder of Mike Children’s Picture Book Studio, and Editor-in-Chief of Goodnight, Baby - a picture book favorable for children’s spiritual growth. He has won the fourth Hsin-Yi Picture Book Award (excellent picture book creation), the 2015 Best Picture Book Award of Chinese Children’s Book List, and the Annual Picture Book Award of Chen Bochui International Children’s Literature Competition. He was once shortlisted for Feng Zikai Children’s Picture Book Award.
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