The Ode to the Goddess of the Luo River
Text adapted by YU Zhiying, Illustration by YE Luying
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Brief Introduction
The Ode to the Goddess of the Luo River , a masterpiece of Fu - a unique Chinese literary genre, has been enduring through the ages in China. It was written by Cao Zhi - a famous man of letters from Wei Kingdom during the Three Kingdoms period. The Goddess Luo was a figure in ancient Chinese myths and legends. She was said to be daughter of Fu Xi (the Chinese Creator that was firstly documented), but drowned in the Luo River to become the “Goddess Luo”. In his classic works, Cao Zhi depicted a romantic encounter in fantasy: on the way of returning to his fief from the capital, he stopped at the Luo River where he met the Goddess Luo, the two fell in love at first sight but finally departed, then spent the rest of their life missing each other, since the love between man and deity was doomed to a sad ending.
About Author
Yu Zhiying: Author of children’s literature, critic of children’s books, translator with almost 200 translated picture books, and a researcher that probes into the significance of picture books in reading, writing and teaching from Taiwan. She is currently promoting early reading, effective approaches for reading picture books and juvenile novels, and application of picture books in reading, writing and teaching.
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