The Orchid Pavilion (Picture Book)
Ye Luying
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Brief Introduction
The Orchid Pavilion is a famous calligraphy work of Wang Xizhi, a calligrapher in the Eastern Jin Dynasty. With Wang Xizhi's life as a clue, The Orchid Pavilion (picture book) depicts his experience of writing Chinese characters from childhood and becoming a famous calligrapher and finally leaving behind the tremendous treasure of Chinese traditional art The Orchid Pavilion. The achievement of literature and art shows the height of Chinese traditional culture. The author and illustrator Ye Luying, with bold imagination and romantic strokes, makes the ancient oriental culture glow with new ideas. Children will learn the spirit and artistic charm of Chinese traditional culture in the growth story of Wang Xizhi.
About Author
Ye Luying: Well-known illustrator, picture book painter, and teacher of CAFA specialized in illustration and cartoon after graduation from the academy. Her works have won China Animation & Comic Competition Golden Dragon Award (Best Illustration), Golden Pinwheel International Young Illustrators Competition (Best Chinese Illustrator), Hsin-Yi Picture Book Award (Judges’ Choice), and Cheltenham Illustration Award.
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