Rise in the Metaverse - the Ultimate Guide to Web 3.0
Jianing Yu & Ciara Sun
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Brief Introduction
“See, the world is full of things more powerful than us. But if you know how to catch a ride, you can go places,”
― Neal Stephenson, Snow Crash
2021 marks the beginning of the Metaverse where Web 3.0 has led mankind into a great era of revolution. It is a new digital universe that involves every human being; a place where we can all live, play, socialize and work.
The word "Metaverse has become the hottest topic in 2021, it also becomes a new area which the Internet giants like Tencent, Alibaba, and Meta is exploring. The door of metaverse has been opened, how to seize the opportunities of the metaverse becomes a question for everyone to think about.
Yu Jianing and Ciara Sun, the authors of Rise in the Metaverse - the Ultimate Guide to Web 3.0, defines metaverse as the next generation of Internet (Web3.0), it is a new digital continent that integrates cutting-edge technologies to build and carry our communication, collaboration, creativity, life, and work. The metaverse is a digital space that is open, free, creatable, it is also the next generation of Internet in which everyone participates in the future.
The comprehensive social and economic activities of mankind will migrate to the brand-new digital world in which we can break free from the limitations of the physical world, maximize our value, and achieve a better self.Of course, the metaverse is not a virtual utopia, but a new digital space that integrates the real world and the digital world, in which can promote the industrial and economical development.
According to the authors, the metaverse is a technology-driven industry, and technological innovation is the foundation of all applications. The core of the metaverse innovation is the integration of a series of cutting-edge technology such as cloud computing, distributed storage, IoT, VR, AR, 5G, blockchain, artificial intelligence, etc. In the future, the metaverse does not rely on a single technology, the key is to continuously link those technologies with applications to create a large number of new ‘species’ by integration. For example, blockchain can tokenize data as an asset; smart contracts can create a programmable intelligent economic system; artificial intelligence can build a global intelligent brain; 5G network, cloud computing, edge computing can construct a majestic space for metaverse to develop upon; the Internet of Things can allow more real objects in physical world mapping into the digital space; augmented reality can realize the superposition of the digital world and the physical world.
Rise in the Metaverse - the Ultimate Guide to Web 3.0 brings you the worldview of the metaverse in an easy-to-digest language. It also presents a panoramic view of the metaverse, and provides an in-depth analysis of the six major trends in the development of the metaverse:
Trend 1: Further integration of digital and real economy
趋势 1:数字经济与实体经济深度融合
Trend 2: Data Becomes the Core Asset
趋势 2:数据成为核心资产
Trend 3: Rise of the community of economy
Trend 4: Self-image and identity system reinvention
Trend 5: Digital Culture Prosperity
Trend 6: Global Inclusion realized through Digital Finance
趋势6: 数字金融实现全球普惠
元宇宙新思维 = 技术思维 × 金融思维 × 社群思维 × 产业思维
The Metauniverse mindset = Technological X Financial X Community X Industrial
This book provides a "navigation chart" of the future metaverse to the readers. It does not only explore the strategic transformations of enterprises into the metaverse, but also gives suggestions on personal career development in the age of metaverse, helping readers build their own metaverse "worldview" and decision-making framework.
About Author
Dr. Yu Jianing, PhD in finance, associate professor, director of China Mobile Communication Association Metaverse Industry Council, rotating Chairman of the Blockchain Committee of the China Communications Industry Association, digital economist, president of Huobi Education. Yu Jianing proposed the theory of "Industrial Blockchain", and he was honored as "The Leader of Blockchain Thinking" by China Week. Dr. Yu has won Global Blockchain Leader award and Special Contribution award for blockchain Development and he has been invited to teach blockchain courses at Peking University, Tsinghua University, University of Hong Kong and China Europe International Business School. His views have been widely reported by Xinhua News Agency, CCTV Focus Report and Economic News, China Daily, Guang Ming Daily, Economic Daily, Economic Information Daily, etc.
Ciara Sun, Founder of C² Ventures - a chain-agnostic venture fund, focused on empowering builders to develop and scale the next generation of leading Web3 and Metaverse applications. Prior to founding C² Ventures, Ciara was Vice President of Huobi Group, a world leading blockchain and cryptocurrency company. She built the global business development and partnership department for the company and led global markets and institutional business unit. She also oversaw blockchain project listings and blockchain investments for Huobi Global, the world’s leading crypto exchange.
Ciara has a financial analysis MBA with rich experience in financial analysis, strategic consulting and corporate management working across multinational consulting companies such as Boston Consulting Group, Deloitte Consulting and Ernst & Young. She advised Banking and Capital Markets groups for 15 major banks and performed investment analytics to support clients with billions of dollars of AUM, including hedge funds, private equity firms, and investment management corporations.
Book Review
1. Proposition of the six key trends in the Metaverse
Metaverse refers to the era of Web 3.0. The book introduces the birth and latest global development of the Metaverse in a forward thinking perspective and examines in depth the six key trends in the upcoming new era. It is a mind blowing, high quality guidebook for readers to understand the future and seize good opportunities for development.
2. The book is printed in four colours and comes with a reading map
To provide readers with the best experience and value of reading, the book is printed with vivid colours and fully illustrated with a reading map guide.
3. The author is an influential figure in the field of digital economy
Doctor Yu Jianing began his research in the early application of blockchain technology since 2012 and is specialized in the study and education of the latest application of blockchain as well as other cutting edge digital economic technologies such as new digital finance system and distributed business models. He also has profound insight on the Metaverse.
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