An Interesting History of Finance
Xu Mingxing, Li Jiyue and Gu Zehui
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210mm x 147mm
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Brief Introduction
From Sumerian accounting clay tablets to Medici family's financial empire, the financial system in the imperial era rose and fell alternately. From the East India Company to the birth of the first central bank, modern finance developed with light and shadow; from the failure of the Bretton Woods system to Venezuela's inflation, contemporary finance has been caught in the cycle of dreams and bubbles; from bitcoin to blockchain, there will be many possibilities for the future of finance. This book will take you deep into the magnificent financial history, tell you more interesting and meaningful financial stories, and predict the coming new financial era.
About Author
Xu Mingxing, founder of OKG Technology Holdings Limited and director of the Blockchain Working Committee of Beijing Youth Internet Association. His works include Blockchain: Reshape the Economy and the World, Illustrated Blockchain, and Token Economy, and he has led the creation of a series of popular science animations, such as Blockchain and the Future.
Li Jiyue, a financial writer, is the author of Illustrated Blockchain and Token Economy.
Gu Zehui, an observer in business and finance, has worked for Baidu, Alibaba and other companies.
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